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D.M.D. Orthodontic Specialist

Hello, I'm Dr. Mark Feinberg! Thank you for your interest in our services here at Feinberg Orthodontics. Enjoy looking around our website and learning about Braces, SureSmile and how we'll give you the best smile that modern technology has to offer. We know that every person is special and unique. That’s why we take the time to get to know every patient one-on-one. Our staff is easy to talk to, and their goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. Nothing puts a smile on our faces like putting a lasting smile on yours. See you soon!




What is SureSmile and why is it our treatment of choice? 



Whether you're looking for clear aligners or

traditional metal braces, SureSmile offers the BEST

version of both. With it's scientifically proven and time

tested results, when you  choose SureSmile, you can be

SURE that you will have not  only a more perfect and

visibly straighter smile but you will also have a smile that

will last longer and not need as much correction down

the road. Speaking of which, did you know that occurrs?

Every day there are people across the country going back in to an Orthodontist years after getting out of braces, who need them AGAIN? This is because, over time your teeth tend to start to move back to their natural position. As far as how to prevent this, the best solution is simply to do it right the first time and create a perfect smile that is the least likely to shift back to crooked over time. Not only do you want a perfect smile, but you only want to have braces ONCE! Of course. 


How does it work? 

Let me tell you what is involved in the SureSmile process. There are essentially five steps. First, a scan of your teeth is performed with an intraoral camera. This allows Dr. Feinberg to perform

diagnostic simulations to critically plan your tooth movement before you even begin treatment. It might be described as virtual orthodontics. This is the safest and healthiest approach to care, like having a crystal ball to predict the best method and approach to moving your teeth. This method does require that the doctor have exceptional digital skill sets and ultimately it assures our patients receive predictable and exceptional treatment outcomes.


 In the second step, the patient has their braces placed on their teeth and initial straightening of the teeth with conventional wire methods is begun. Initially, the most complex orthodontic problems are corrected is like resolving tooth crowding and gross malalignment of the teeth, major bite issues resolved, and less than three millimeters of space remaining. When a regular orthodontic patient reaches this point in treatment he or she typically has another 18 months of treatment left. Using Suresmile technology we typically reduce this to 8-12 months.

Spend up to ONE YEAR less in braces!



Invisible Aligners




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