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We Are Highly Qualified, High-Tech, Truly Care

Why choose

Why choose We are truly excited to welcome you and your loved ones into our orthodontic family! At Feinberg Orthodontics we are passionate about orthodontic excellence and our mission is to elevate the standard of orthodontic care. Our patients benefit from a holistic approach to their orthodontic care. We specialize in creating beautifully radiant smiles and a functionally healthy dentition that will last a lifetime in an office environment that is both nurturing and sensitive to our patient’s needs.

We individualize our treatment options to reflect our patients’ desires. Our philosophy of care ensures precision, comfort and aesthetics.


Dr. Mark feinberg?

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 We Are Highly Qualified

  • Dr. Feinberg is a second generation orthodontist! He was proud to join his father in practice and shares his passion for orthodontics, his dedication to continuing education, providing outstanding patient care and commitment to the local national and international orthodontic community.

  • Dr. Feinberg has achieved the highest professional distinction in the orthodontic profession by attaining Diplomate Status, conferred by the American Board of Orthodontics, which is the only board recognized by the American Association of Orthodontists. This distinction is attained by only 25% of orthodontists in the country.

  • Dr. Feinberg is also proud to have mentored a new generation of orthodontists focused on implementing virtual orthodontics to improve and elevate the standard of orthodontic care. Dr. Feinberg is a volunteer, assistant clinical professor in the orthodontic department at the University of Connecticut, where he shares his expertise and knowledge of digital robotics with the orthodontic residents.

  • Dr. Feinberg has been the trusted choice of thousands of patients, including many medical and dental professionals, their staff and family members.

  • At Feinberg Orthodontics, we know that every person is special and unique. That’s why we take the time to get to know every patient one-on-one. Our staff is easy to talk to, and their goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. The entire team at Feinberg Orthodontics communicates openly with our patients! Loved ones are invited to sit with patients during all visits to address all questions and concerns.

  • Team members are cross-trained in different office areas to help practice flow and decrease unnecessary patient wait time. Our entire team attends numerous courses throughout the year to keep up-to-date with the many changes happening in the field. We love to know about what’s new and improved!

We are High-Tech

Our orthodontic practice has always invested in and utilized state-of-the-art technologies. A beautiful smile is not only esthetic, it is also functional, healthy, and stable. It is your choice which of our many braces options is right for you.


We use Invisalign®, a popular treatment for adults who want to straighten their teeth without affixing a permanent appliance. It uses clear, removable aligners to gently guide teeth into place.


Our most recent advancements include 3-D digital imaging via the SureSmile Treatment Process. This is a futuristic computerized method of gathering images of the teeth and bite through intraoral scanning, treatment planning and then creating customized archwires via robotics that will reduce treatment times significantly. (Please ask our staff for more detailed information.) Our radiographic imaging system employs the most sophisticated technology currently available, ensuring incredible images at the most minimal exposures. The use of SureSmile advanced diagnostic technology enhances patient safety and results in better diagnostic accuracy, leading to more effective and individualized care for every patient. There are no additional fees for radiographs during active treatment or during observation and supervision.


SureSmile Lingual
SureSmile Lingual are lingual devices adhered to the inside of each tooth, making them totally invisible. SureSmile® uses advanced technology to reduce your treatment time by 30-40%.

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We Truly Care

  • Patients describe our office as a boutique style office. Our top priority is not volume but personalized, meticulous care that guarantees that every patient is given the quality and time they deserve. Our goal is to treat you so well that you will feel comfortable recommending us to your friends and family. We do provide the highest quality care using state-of-the-art equipment and treatment procedures, however, our practice believes that the best orthodontic treatment involves a more personal touch.

  • Homelike, warm and inviting – these are just a few more ways our patients describe our practice. We work hard to create an atmosphere that is comfortable, and makes each patient feel relaxed, welcomed, and like family!

  • We accept all insurance plans and open three Saturdays out of the month, so kids rarely have to miss school and parents do not have to miss work. There are no other orthodontists in the area that work on Saturdays!

  • Some orthodontists choose to initiate treatment when a number of primary (baby) teeth are still present. When this is done it is called “early treatment” or “Phase I” treatment. Almost always a second phase of treatment is then required when all the permanent (adult) teeth erupt. Most early treatment options do little to shorten the duration of or minimize the difficulty of a later stage of treatment. Dr. Feinberg is very conservative with regard to early treatment and will not recommend it unless he is confident it will provide a significant long-term benefit.

  • Our orthodontic practice recognizes that the science of orthodontics and dentistry is constantly changing. Continuing education, advancement in orthodontic and diagnostic skills and communication with our dental colleagues will help to ensure our team remains at the forefront of our profession and ultimately will continue to provide excellence in orthodontic care. We are totally confident your experience with every aspect of our practice will Surely give you a reason to smile and you will be happy to recommend us to your friends and family!