Office Policies

Policies and Mission

Our Mission

We are passionate about providing the highest quality orthodontic treatment possible by striving to exceed the highest standards of excellence in our profession. We will provide an extraordinary experience for our patients and their families (our patients families) by cultivating a friendly, fun, nurturing and caring environment.


Our clinical goals are to promote the health of the dentition, periodontal tissues, TMJ and facial musculature; in essence the creation of happier faces and healthier smiles to last a lifetime.  

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Our Technology

Our Orthodontic practice has always invested in and utilized state-of-the-art technologies. Our most recent advancements include 3-D digital imaging via the SureSmile treatment process.

  • This is a futuristic computerized method of gathering images of the teeth and bite through Intraoral Scanning, treatment planning and then creating customized archwires via robotics that will reduce treatment time significantly. (Please ask our staff for more detailed information)

  • Our radiographic imaging system employs the most sophisticated technology currently available, ensuring incredible images at the most minimal exposures.

  • Exclusive 3shape Trios Color Scanner which not only eliminates the need for traditional impressions but combined with SureSmile diagnostic and therapeutic technology provides our patients with the most powerful toolsets in the Orthodontic world. We are the most experienced and skilled digital Orthodontic expert in Connecticut, and in August of 2004 we were the first practice to introduce Intraoral Scanning.

  • CBCT imaging combined with SureSmile technology provides the most advanced diagnostic platform in Orthodontics. 

  • There are no additional fees for radiographs during active treatment or during observation and supervision.