Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

“What an awesome orthodontist! Not only is his work satisfying, his relationships with the patients are great! He is always looking to keep in touch and stay updated in their lives. The staff is awesome too! A great office overall.”
– K.Y.

“After nine months, my braces came off in January. It was a challenging experience to have braces as an adult, but it was well worth the effort because I love my new smile! Thank you to Dr. Feinberg and staff.”
– C.B.

Matt Before getting his braces removed

Matt after getting his braces off – Two thumbs Up

“I have been seeing Dr. Feinberg for almost 5 years. If you saw my teeth 5 years ago you would have thought I might as well knock them out and get fake ones. After a period of time with various appliances, I got my braces on at the beginning of 6th grade and had them off almost exactly a year later at the beginning of 7th grade. Now, I am going into 8th grade and could not be more grateful for my time with Dr. Feinberg as my friends are only just getting them on. Thank you!!”
– N.P.

“Dr. Feinberg is an excellent orthodontist who has been helping me get my teeth back on track for years. The staff is very friendly and always tells me what to do over the time between appointments to keep my teeth straight. You’re the best Dr. Feinberg and Team!”
– Z.K.

“I actually enjoy my appointements because everyone is so nice and fun. thanks Dr. Feinberg.”
– R.B.