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Are you interested in fixing your smile? But you’re concerned that braces may not look particularly appealing, are too expensive, too painful and will be on for what seems like an eternity. Let me put your mind at rest. Our team at Mark Feinberg Orthodontics offers advanced orthodontic care technology that will make your experience easier, faster, and more comfortable than ever before. During a consultation appointment, the orthodontic specialist,who is uniquely educated in all forms of tooth and jaw movements can help provide patients an accurate analysis of their best treatment options. The patients needs and concerns are of primary importance in the decision making process. The optimal treatment plan may involve various alternatives. Either Invisalign/clear aligner therapy or different types of fixed appliances/braces are possibilit

ies. Feel free to inquire or request a copy of Dr. Mark Feinberg’s special booklets on orthodontic care.

#1 Myth: Am I too old for braces?

So often I am asked this question by adults that come into our office for an evaluation appointment and by parents of our younger patients.

In our reception area you will see a mix of patients at various stages of their life. In fact,about 20 percent of orthodontic patients are adults. There are a number of factors that may cause your teeth or bite to be misaligned, and it’s never too late to seek orthodontic care by an orthodontic specialist to address them.

#2 Myth: Braces have to be like railroad tracks, obvious and/or unsightly.

Self-perception and the journey to your beautiful smile is an important touch point and factor in how we plan your orthodontic care. Adults and teens care deeply about their appearance more than children. Many adults prefer not to have fixed braces on their teeth as they may feel self conscious when engaging with their friends and colleagues. A teenager, on the other hand, might be self-conscious and concerned about what his or her peers might say. The fact is that while metal braces are still available on the front surfaces of teeth there are other options to align crooked teeth. At Mark Feinberg Orthodontics we also offer braces behind the teeth as well as crystal clear cosmetic braces. Invisalign/clear aligner orthodontic therapy is another method of tooth alignment and can be virtually invisible to the casual observer. We can help you make the right choice for your specific needs.

#3 Myth: Orthodontics can be too expensive.

With the many orthodontic options and payment plans available, orthodontic treatments have become an affordable option. A consultation at our office with a member of our expert team of experienced professionals can help you make your preferred orthodontic choice fit within your budget.

#4 Myth: Braces are painful and take years to achieve the desired result.

Suresmile is the most advanced orthodontic technology in the world and we are pleased to be able to provide it to our patients. Not

only does it allow us to treat our patients with higher quality outcomes than traditional braces but it significantly reduces discomfort episodes and the length of time that braces are on. In fact using Suresmile technology over the past 14 years has reduced our patients’ time in braces by 30-40% over traditional braces. Using SureSmile technology with clear aligner therapy adds additional amazing beneficial synergies to this type of treatment as well. If you are considering braces or Invisalign/clear aligner therapy we would be more than h

appy to discuss your options.

Treatment from an experienced orthodontist that provides exceptional orthodontic care can help you achieve the beautiful smiles that you desire. Dr. Mark Feinberg has transformed more than 10,000 smiles since 1984.

To learn more about your current orthodontic treatment options, feel free to contact our Shelton, CT office with any questions or to schedule a complimentary initial evaluation.

Want To Know More About Personalized Orthodontic Care? Call Mark Feinberg Orthodontics Today!

When you are looking for an orthodontist, you want to search for an experienced professional who is board certified, attended the best specialty training program, and is active in their professional organizations and communities. When you meet Dr. Mark Feinberg, you’ll find he is exactly that. He brings that knowledge and experience to his patients, young and old, providing exceptional orthodontic care. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about the information we have shared or if you would benefit from orthodontic care at 203-892-6822. Dr Feinberg will examine your teeth and get you started on the best treatment plan for creating a lasting shining smile.

If you have any questions about early treatment, don’t hesitate to contact our office, Mark Feinberg Orthodontics. Also please feel free to request a copy of our resource guide on early orthodontic care.

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