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Orthodontic care is all about the creation of beautiful smiles. So many people visit the orthodontist, both children and adults searching for the straight, pearly white smile of their dreams. One study revealed that nearly 3 out of 4 adults believe that a less than ideal smile could factor negatively on their career goals. It is uncertain whether this is actually true but certainly perception is reality. There are so many compelling reasons to visit your local orthodontist beyond the desire for a beautiful smile or facial esthetics. Orthodontics also provides important long-term health benefits as well

1. Healthier teeth. Not only will your smile be straighter, but it will also be healthier. Teeth that are not aligned properly make it so much more difficult to brush properly. Orthodontic treatment involves moving your teeth into their correct position thereby optimizing your ability to reach hard to reach tooth surfaces. With the help of a brush, dental floss or both you will be able to remove plaque that can build up along the gum line or on the surfaces of your teeth that could lead to cavities or gum disease. When teeth are improperly positioned they can also wear down prematurely and ultimately be lost.

2. Better oral hygiene. This health benefit is in concert with healthier teeth. The more challenging it is to reach difficult tooth areas the less likely it is that you will. And so it follows that the more aligned your teeth are the easier it is to reach those previously unreachable places. This increases the likelihood that you will be motivated to scrub and floss all surfaces of your teeth. Throughout your orthodontic care, Dr. Feinberg and his orthodontic team will remind and reinforce the importance of excellent oral hygiene. No matter what the orthodontic treatment approach, whether Invisalign, braces, expanders, space maintainers or even retainers, the effects can last for many years after your treatment is completed.

3. Cardiac health. Scientific research has shown a connection between the inflammatory state of your body and heart disease. Orthodontics may reduce the risk of heart disease. Crooked or crowded teeth can increase the risk of gum disease. The bacteria from gum disease can cause inflammation and secondary infections by entering the bloodstream. This may increase the risk of heart disease. We believe in a holistic approach to orthodontic care. In fact, a healthy mouth can mean a healthy heart and healthy body!

4. Reduce TMJ Disorders. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, or simply the jaw joint. The jaw joint itself is made up of muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons. Proper alignment, like the wheels on your car, is necessary to prevent the jaw joint from breaking down. This may lead to jaw pain or a popping sensation on chewing or talking. Orthodontic treatment may help to correct jaw alignment and so correct jaw dysfunction.

5. Lower risk of sleep apnea. A misaligned jaw may also predispose one to a disorder called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea may be caused by the obstruction of the airway when a person sleeps. The position of your teeth and jaws may help to improve jaw posture as it relates to the tongue. If your jaw is misaligned, your tongue may have a tendency to fall backwards and block your breathing. Sleep apnea sufferers can actually stop breathing nearly 100 times per night, depriving the brain of oxygen and causing serious medical complications.

Whether you’re a child of 7 or a senior of 70, Dr. Feinberg’s – best orthodontist on Connecticut, holistic approach to orthodontic care involves designing a personalized treatment plan to ensure your dazzling smile and healthy bite for a lifetime.

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