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We are excited to offer accelerated orthodontics! If you are interested in improving the esthetics of your smile, but are put off by the thought of having to spend years in braces, accelerated orthodontics could be right for you. Within three to eight weeks accelerated orthodontics can reposition, straighten, close gaps, and properly align the spacing of the front teeth. Traditional braces will require between two to three years before you see the end result you are searching for.

Accelerated Orthodontics Procedure Accelerated orthodontics is a combination of different dental procedures that can include tooth reshaping and re-contouring to modify the shape of your teeth and gums. Modifying the width of your teeth could prevent the need for extractions. The procedure involves a team of experts in the field of cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and orthodontics in order to produce excellent results. With the different methods of treatment involved, you can now have a rejuvenated facial appearance. In order to enhance your smile you can now use different accelerated orthodontic treatments with the use of various techniques like bonding, porcelain veneers, traditional braces and crowns.

Candidates For adults seeking orthodontic treatments for cosmetic results, accelerated orthodontics is the best way of achieving a bright white smile in much less time than traditional braces. In fact, more adults are choosing accelerated orthodontics as a perfect solution for speeding up the process of straightening their teeth.

Cost The cost of accelerated orthodontics is similar to the cost of traditional braces. There are many factors that determine the cost of your accelerated orthodontics treatment depending on how complex the issues you want to correct, length of your treatment plan, and the specific treatment details prescribed. We will find out if your insurance provider covers this procedure.

Consultation Please contact Dr. Mark Feinberg to schedule a personal consultation regarding accelerated orthodontics. He will be able to evaluate your case, and address any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to helping you transform your smile!

Call us today 203-513-2014.

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