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Thanks to today’s advances in orthodontic technology, orthodontists can provide patients with more options when it comes to wearing braces than ever before. While Invisalign braces present a number of advantages over traditional braces, the truth is Invisalign is not for everyone, and many patients must receive metal braces to achieve the straight teeth they desire.

New Technology In Metal Braces Modern advancements in braces technology are changing how dentists help to treat teeth problems. These materials, many of which are used in computing technology and in outer space, can help to improve smiles without the use of a lot of metal. This not only improves the patients appearance, it also helps improve their self-esteem and the function of the braces. Take a look below for the many benefits of metal braces:

• Wires The wires used in braces today are more flexible and do not require such strong pulling from the start. They are more easily adjusted, providing more comfort in patients than metal braces in the past.

• Clear Brackets The brackets that are actually mounted to your teeth are often metal, but clear ceramic brackets are also available, making them less noticeable on your teeth so you can remain confident.

• Smaller Brackets Much like the appearance of clear ceramic braces, today’s metal braces have smaller brackets that are more comfortable and just as effective. By reducing the size of the brackets in traditional braces, they are less invasive and easier to clean around. Hard to reach areas are decreased in size and flossing in between brackets is now much easier than before.

• Self Ligating Brackets New passive self-ligating brackets are now being used that make excellent use of a special slide mechanism. This eliminates the pressure and friction that has been known to cause excessive pain to patients that have been fitted with traditional braces in the past.

How Metal Braces Align Teeth In the rise of Invisalign and other clear braces, traditional braces are still considered to be one of the better options when it comes to straightening teeth. Metal braces offer a durable and long-lasting treatment for patients, correcting even the most crooked teeth and misaligned bites. Traditional braces can correct a variety conditions such as:

• Underbites, Overbites, and Crossbites • Crooked teeth • Malocclusion

Schedule An Appointment Today If you are interested in attaining perfectly straight teeth, call us today to schedule an appointment at 203-513-2014.

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