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Beautiful, healthy smiles can make a big impact on your life. A nice smile with straight teeth will improve how others perceive your personality and your attractiveness. People with bright, straight healthy teeth demonstrate high self-esteem and radiate confidence. Millions of adults, teens and children have improved their lives and their health by getting their teeth and their bites corrected.

Healthier Gums Teeth that are straight and evenly spaced are a great benefit to your gums. If teeth are incorrectly spaced, your gums can become more easily inflamed or infected. Too much space can leave them more open and exposed to food and drink, while teeth that are too close can create areas that are difficult to clean with brushing and flossing, creating an almost protected space for bacteria to flourish.

Self Esteem If you are feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth, it could very well be affecting your work, your social life, and even your love life. By straightening your teeth and removing the source of your self-consciousness, you can gain improved confidence and this may lead to improved quality of life.

Clearer Speech Your teeth play an important role in speech. If your teeth are in an irregular configuration or have a central gap, it can make a noticeable difference in your pronunciation.

Better Digestion Poorly aligned teeth can compromise chewing, and chewing is the first step of proper digestion. When you chew, saliva carries enzymes that help break down the food, making it easier for the stomach and intestines to do their jobs and reducing the number of bacteria needed to help break down nutrients in the gut.

Protruding Teeth Normally, your upper front teeth should be just one to three millimeters in front of your lower front teeth. If your upper front teeth are sticking out too far, it jeopardizes the longevity of your teeth.

Learn More If you would like to learn more about the benefits of straight teeth, contact our office at 203-513-2014.

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