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When you need immediate care, we are here for you to keep that candy at bay during your treatment!

Orthodontic braces have changed significantly in size, material and design since they were invented over a century ago. Early braces were made of thin steel that was wrapped individually around each tooth, literally hugging the entire tooth. This is so different from today’s braces which are more discreet than ever, and are glued just to the front surface of the tooth. Today’s braces produce excellent results without being overly obvious during the corrective phase. If you are in search of an aesthetically appealing way of straightening your teeth, Dr. Mark Feinberg and our team at Feinberg Orthodontics provide multiple options to choose from, including lingual braces using SureSmile technology and clear aligners like Invisalign.

Clear RemovableAligners (Invisalign) Clear aligners are sequential phase orthodontic devices designed for patients who need mild-to-moderate correction of crowded or crooked teeth and bite correction as well. This system includes a progression of clear custom designed trays that gradually shift the teeth into their targeted positions. Each aligner is typically worn for approximately 7-10 days and than the next progressive aligner is inserted. We typically will evaluate your progress every 5-7 weeks and in that time you will have 4-5 aligners. In order to achieve the best results we recommend wearing your Invisalign aligners approximately 21-22 hours per day. These clear aligners are r almost undetectable and are removed while eating or brushing your teeth. Treatment duration is approximately the same as traditional braces but longer than braces using SureSmile technology. Treatment can be accelerated though using various new devices and techniques. This will be addressed in an upcoming blog post.

Lingual Braces with Advanced SureSmile Technology Lingual braces with SureSmile technology takes lingual orthodontics to an entirely new level. The lingual braces themselves are similar to traditional metal braces but they are fixed to the back of the teeth instead of the front. This type of treatment is preferred over clear aligners among patients with mild to severe orthodontic correction needs. Lingual braces are non-removable and must be adjusted periodically during scheduled orthodontic visits. However, lingual braces are capable of producing much more controlled force during treatment, which can yield highly successful results.

If you think you may be a candidate for braces, but aren’t sure whether lingual braces or clear aligners are right for you, Dr. Mark Feinberg and his team can help you decide. Schedule a consultation today to find out more about your orthodontic options and start on the path to the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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