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The process of choosing an orthodontist is a vitally important process. An orthodontist will be involved in your orthodontic care for a long period of time, treating a highly visible area of the body, the smile.

General Dentist Your family dentist is a good place to start when it comes to looking for specialists, like an orthodontist. Like most medical professionals, dentists have their own networks of trusted specialists that they feel comfortable recommending patients to.

Family And Friends Personal referrals are always best, so if any of your family or friends have had orthodontic treatment, ask them for the name of the orthodontist they used and what their experience was like.

Online Research Research the practices you are interested in by Googling them or going to their website. Some orthodontists have excellent websites that will provide you with all of the information you need to make an informative decision, as well as a list of health insurance that they accept and financial polices.

Proximity When searching for an orthodontist, proximity is a definite consideration. If the office you select is closer to home, appointments may seem less like a chore. The convenience of the office’s hours and appointment flexibility are also important factors.

Pricing and Dental Insurance Insurance can be tricky to navigate. Although most orthodontists offer a number of flexible payment options, not every office accepts every insurance plan. While you may have partial or full dental coverage, be sure to confirm that your orthodontist of choice accepts it. Dental insurance can be extremely helpful when you are considering braces. When you evaluate what both traditional and invisible braces cost, even partial coverage is helpful. Before deciding on an orthodontist, you should speak to the office billing staff about payment options.

When choosing an orthodontist, finding the right fit is important. Keep these tips in mind when you begin your search, and you will find an orthodontist who matches all of your criteria and can help you to achieve that brilliant smile!

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