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Poor oral hygiene may result in bad breath and isolate your child from family and friends. It can cause self esteem issues and bullying while at school or around other children. It is essential for parents to teach their children good oral hygiene so that these embarrassing issues do not occur.

Starting Good Oral Hygiene Habits Early Some parents do not take this matter seriously when children are younger. Parents think that because their children have baby teeth that they will eventually lose, that good oral hygiene is not important. The majority of children start losing their baby teeth from six years of age and permanent teeth erupt from twelve to fourteen years of age. If you want your child to be ready to properly care for their permanent teeth when they come in, you need to start educating them as early as possible.

Decay There are other factors that contribute bad breath in kids. A child who has a lot of oral problems and decaying teeth may find that they have bad breath regularly. This is simply because of the bacteria that eats away at the teeth, which then causes the tooth to decay.

Sweets If your child eats a lot of sweets or chocolate, these foods create a good breeding ground for bacteria in their mouth. When this bacteria is not cleaned it can cause tooth decay. Dental fillings can be a very important treatment as it saves your child from losing his or her teeth and also preventing the child from bad breath.

Orthodontics And Oral Hygiene One of the most important things a person can do to achieve a beautiful smile is to clean their teeth properly everyday. Patients who do not keep their teeth clean will spend more time in orthodontic treatment and may require more frequent visits. Helping our patients protect this valuable investment is our top priority. We will spend a great deal of time reviewing proper oral hygiene during your orthodontic treatment.

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