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If you have speech problems, you know that they can be more than an impediment to communication. If you lisp or mumble, your speech problem is a social embarrassment at best. At worst, it makes it harder for you to form relationships, perform your job to the best of your ability, or advance in your career. Speech problems are no laughing matter, but the good news is that they can often be improved with the proper treatment.

Benefits Of Orthodontics To Correct Speech Problems If you have ever had difficulties with your speaking patterns or with pronunciation, you will be surprised at just how much a set of straight teeth can affect your speech patterns. Even people who haven’t had issues with speech find real difference after they have undergone orthodontic treatment. When braces readjust teeth you can end up with a much clearer and professional speech pattern and an easier pronunciation of words you may have had difficulty with in the past.

Orthodontics can correct the following speech problems: • Lisp Or Whistling • Word Slurring • Mispronunciation

Orthodontic Treatment Is An Investment In Confidence And Health Orthodontic treatment is not a magical cure for all speech challenges. However, for people working to correct speech disorders, orthodontics can offer life-changing solutions. And the advantages of orthodontic treatment are not limited to speech therapy alone. The confidence that comes from having a straight, beautiful smile and the oral health benefits will last a lifetime.

Do not let orthodontic-related speech difficulties limit your personal and business relationships or keep you from being your most confident, eloquent self. If you would like to learn more about how an orthodontic treatment plan can lead to a happier, healthier life.

Schedule A Consultation If you have speech problems, and you suspect that they may be due to issues with your teeth, contact us today at 203-513-2014.

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