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When you hear the word orthodontist you probably think of the dental expert that has the proper skills and training to straighten teeth. That would certainly be true, but teeth alignment only represents a fraction of the valuable benefits that orthodontics can accomplish. There are two methods that the orthodontist may use to benefit a patient’s oral health. Either traditional braces that are attached to the teeth or removable clear aligners like Invisalign.

Malocclusions or “bad” bites come in different forms and alignment of these teeth can correct overbites and open bites as well as crossbite and underbites which will not only help your teeth to function better but also encourage you to show off your pearly whites. Orthodontics can have a powerful impact on your overall health by reducing pain, and even help improve the quality of your sleep.

So, while having a dazzling straight smile is great, just as important is addressing potential health problems associated with the teeth and jaws. When teeth are not properly aligned it may make it more difficult to properly clean teeth leading to cavities, unsightly staining, potential gum disease or even tooth loss. By providing Dr. Feinberg’s patients with the ability to easily reach all the surfaces of their teeth when flossing or brushing, we can help to ensure that their beautiful smile remains healthy for life.

General Health Benefit Healthy mouth, healthy heart, and healthy body! Crooked or crowded teeth can increase the risk of gum disease. The bacteria from gum disease can cause inflammation and secondary infections by entering the bloodstream. This may increase the risk of heart disease. Whether you’re a child of 7 or a senior of 70, Dr. Feinberg will design a personalized treatment plan to ensure your dazzling smile and healthy bite.

Did you know that orthodontic problems can lead to other health issues like speech impairment. That’s right, teeth are vital to the formation of many sounds that you make when you speak. Teeth and jaws that are not properly aligned make it more challenging to correctly pronounce certain sounds. This may cause lisping or whistling. Braces and aligners can help move teeth and jaws to their optimal position, allowing the tongue, lips and teeth to function together properly when speaking. What a great benefit this is to our patients in boosting their self-esteem by reducing speech impediments.

Today I have touched on just a few of the important ways that braces for children and adults can benefit the health of our patients at Feinberg Orthodontics. In upcoming blog posts I will describe many more healthful benefits as well.

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