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What if I told you there is really an orthodontic technology that could straighten your teeth and align your bite both faster and with greater accuracy than traditional braces, and oh yes more comfortably as well… wouldn’t you want to have your smile treated with this technology.

And by the way, wouldn’t you want your orthodontist to be skilled and have access to this technology as well. Predictably, most of you would say of course… sign me up for the high tech braces approach.  Well, as most members of our Shelton/Trumbull/Stratford community know, Feinberg Orthodontics is the only practice in Southwestern Connecticut that provides this powerful orthodontic technology. Since 2004, we are proud that 1000’s of our patients have benefited from this technology known as Suresmile. In fact, we are the 37th practice in the world to have mastered and implemented SureSmile in our practice. Today there are more than 450 extremely progressive  practices around the world that utilize this approach to care. Rather than using a pair of pliers to perform wire bending we use a computer mouse.

So, what exactly is Suresmile and how does it work?

Similar to Lasik eye surgery, Suresmile uses computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) to accomplish the wire bending phase of orthodontic treatment allowing results to be delivered more accurately, more comfortably, and 33% faster. That’s correct, at least 1/3rd less treatment time than conventional braces with better quality outcomes as published in numerous orthodontic scientific journals. (Please feel free to request your copy of one of these articles or go to the links on our website (

Let me tell you what is involved in the SureSmile process. There are essentially five steps.

First, a scan of your teeth is performed with an intraoral camera. This allows Dr. Feinberg to perform diagnostic simulations to critically plan your tooth movement before you even begin treatment. It might be described as virtual orthodontics. This is the safest and healthiest approach to care, like having a crystal ball to predict the best method and approach to moving your teeth. This method does require that the doctor have exceptional digital skill sets and ultimately it assures our patients receive predictable and exceptional treatment outcomes.

In the second step, the patient has their braces placed on their teeth and initial straightening of the teeth with conventional wire methods is begun. Initially, the most complex orthodontic problems are corrected is like resolving tooth crowding and gross malalignment of the teeth, major bite issues resolved, and less than three millimeters of space remaining. When a regular orthodontic patient reaches this point in treatment he or she typically has another 18 months of treatment left. Using Suresmile technology we typically reduce this to 8-12 months.

Want To Know More About Personalized Orthodontic Care? Call Mark Feinberg Orthodontics Today!

When you are looking for an orthodontist, you want to search for an experienced professional who is board certified, attended the best specialty training program, and is active in their professional organizations and communities. When you meet Dr. Mark Feinberg, you’ll find he is exactly that. He brings that knowledge and experience to his patients, young and old, providing exceptional orthodontic care. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about the information we have shared or if you would benefit from orthodontic care at 203-892-6822. Dr Feinberg will examine your teeth and get you started on the best treatment plan for creating a lasting shining smile.

If you have any questions about early treatment, don’t hesitate to contact our office, Mark Feinberg Orthodontics. Also please feel free to request a copy of our resource guide on early orthodontic care.

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