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10 Critical Things You Need to Know When Selecting an Orthodontist

Knowledge is the critical element when making important decisions. In this blog post I have provided some important information.

Ask the orthodontist these important questions to determine that you are getting the most value for your investment: 1. Do you have a smile design philosophy? What are the things you look for in determining your plan for my treatment? 2. Can you show me how my teeth will look after treatment, before treatment is actually started? Only select orthodontists that use Suresmile digital technology are capable of creating an accurate simulation of your future treatment. This is the most sophisticated orthodontic technology in the world and ensures that patients receive the most beneficial care. Visit the SureSmile website: 3. Explain to me the value of diagnostic records, why do you charge or why don’t you charge for this service. What type of diagnostic software do you use? Do you use SureSmile diagnostic software and if not, why not? Will I be charged for the records if I choose to seek treatment in another orthodontic practice? 4. Can you show me photographs and case studies of similar patients that you have treated? Can you show me 100’s of such documented cases? 5. How long have you been in practice, how many successful cases have you treated? What is your experience level? 6. Will my care be graded according to a quality standard? The American Board of Orthodontics( has a grading scale that measures the quality of orthodontic correction. Patients of orthodontists using Suresmile technology are treated to the highest measured standards). 7. Why is this the best time to treat the problem and why is this the best plan? What is the treatment time? 8. Are you on the faculty of any orthodontic residency programs? 9. Have you published any research articles in any of the orthodontic scientific journals? 10. Do you attend continuing education courses, professional conferences? Which have you attended over the past two years? Have you actually lectured or spoken at these meetings?

Who Pays When Cost Drives the Decision? What is the cost of poorly executed and poorly planned orthodontic treatment? Orthodontic treatment affects the smile, speech, eating, jaw joint and muscle functions. It should be done correctly the first time to avoid costly problems: • Wear, chipping or cracking of teeth caused by a poorly aligned bite (teeth that fit together incorrectly). Repair with crowns and implants is very expensive. • Gum recession due to improper alignment of the roots in the bone during treatment necessitates costly gum surgery or grafting. • TMJ (jaw joint) pain related to a poorly-aligned bite.

Time is Money. Suresmile technology not only provides superior results but does so in significantly less time(up to 33%)than traditional braces. In order to design a radiant, confident, healthy smile, treatment must be meticulously planned. It requires the use of state-of-the-art equipment, technology and superior skill sets. And most importantly an orthodontist that meets the special qualifications described in this article.

ELEVATING THE STANDARD OF CARE As you can see, straightening teeth, correcting bites, and creating beautiful smiles requires a great deal more than just brackets and wires. At Feinberg Orthodontics we believe in optimal patient care and have established a gold standard of excellence in our community.

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