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When Aligners Alone Are Not Enough In part 1 of this 2 part series on Hybrid Orthodontic treatment, I discussed some of the failings of aligner therapy. As in all medical/dental related areas the most critical step in care begins with an accurate diagnosis. Namely, what is the nature of the clinical problem. Once that is determined, a plan to address the problem can be created. The key is to create an excellent plan. Not all plans are created equal, therefore creating the appropriate treatment care plan is the key to delivering the desired outcome and achieving an excellent result.

This is where the skill sets and experience of the doctor(an orthodontic specialist) are so important(stay tuned, I will explore this in more detail in a future blog post).

Hybrid Therapy and You Today our focus will be specifically on the tooth aligning limitation of aligners and how we have developed a unique protocol called Hybrid Therapy(attribution to Dr. Peter Kierl in Oklahoma)that has been designed to overcome those limitations.

Let’s look at a couple of clinical examples that demonstrate the limitations of aligners and how we solve them to ensure a great result; smile and bite perfection.

Case 1: A patient presents to an orthodontic practice and indicates at the initial interview that they do not want braces and only clear plastic aligners will be acceptable. Their primary concern is straightening their crooked front teeth. An examination reveals moderate rotations of incisors and canines. If everything works according to the plan prescribed, 15 aligners will do the trick. Unfortunately, the reality for most patients, is that 15 aligners is not enough to effectively straighten the teeth and therefore more aligners will be required. Sometimes no matter how many aligners are used the teeth just don’t straighten out as planned. Either way the downside is that this will require a lot more treatment time and patient cooperation to hopefully achieve the desired outcome ie straight teeth.

The Cure For Aligner Blues In the situation just described a great solution would be to place braces on the front teeth to begin the correction of the crooked teeth. This may require about 4 months and than remove the braces and finish up with aligners. The beauty of this is that the patient’s results and treatment will be far more effective and will be done in significantly less time. And so, that is the bottom line… easier for our patients, shorter treatment times and great results. Hybrid Orthodontics to help our patients achieve the best results possible.

Case 2: Similar to Case 1 with a different clinical picture. The patient has a deep overbite and upper front teeth are tipped backwards. Clear plastic aligner therapy just doesn’t do a very efficient job of correcting these types of problems. The Answer: Hybrid Therapy of course. A short period of fixed braces(using SureSmile technology) to correct the problems that aligners just don’t do a very efficient and effective job of correcting. This is followed by aligner therapy when the heavy lifting is done.

Once again, the magic of combined orthodontic treatment care is a great marriage of two very cutting edge technologies. Why compromise and settle for a mediocre smile and bite when you can have a great final outcome. At Mark Feinberg Orthodontics we exclusively offer Hybrid Orthodontics using SureSmile technology to help our patients achieve the best results possible.

Want To Know More About Personalized Orthodontic Care? Call Mark Feinberg Orthodontics Today!

When you are looking for an orthodontist, you want to search for an experienced professional who is board certified, attended the best specialty training program, and is active in their professional organizations and communities. When you meet Dr. Mark Feinberg, you’ll find he is exactly that. He brings that knowledge and experience to his patients, young and old, providing exceptional orthodontic care. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about the information we have shared or if you would benefit from orthodontic care at 203-892-6822. Dr Feinberg will examine your teeth and get you started on the best treatment plan for creating a lasting shining smile.

If you have any questions about early treatment, don’t hesitate to contact our office, Mark Feinberg Orthodontics. Also please feel free to request a copy of our resource guide on early orthodontic care.

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