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Smiles in Spring

Spring is just around the corner and there is a glimmer of hope that life is ever so slowly beginning to return to closer to “normal"

I am happy to report as of late December/1st week of January our entire team received our first dose of the Vaccine and 2nd dose 4 weeks later. As you all know, due to the nature of the Pandemic we changed many of our protocols. To name a few:

  1. Special Covid-19 On-line health history screening questionnaire before entering the office

  2. Staff attire i.e. face shields, gowns

  3. On-line consultations via Zoom or Google Meet

  4. Electrostatic sprayer

  5. Ionizer units in HVAC system

  6. Limiting patients in office and distancing

  7. New “Defender” unit air suction device for aerosol procedures

  8. Plastic barriers

  9. Infection Control meeting Intel clean room standards

  10. Restricted reception area and gaming

  11. Doximity (like FaceTime but medical app) for TeleOrtho as needed

Needless to say, these additional measures have required an extraordinary degree of planning, implementation and reserves of energy expended by our team throughout the day and behind the scenes.

Through all of this, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our patients have the same amazing experience that has been the hallmark of our practice over these many years. Although our physical attire ie gowns, face shields and safety glasses may seem pretty daunting at times, behind our clinical costumes we are still the same fun loving team that you know us to be. Our patient rewards program at is running full steam and we currently have our office trivia and count the lucky charms marshmallow contest running as well.

As Summer follows Spring I am hopeful that we can begin to open up the office more to social visits and face to face interactions with the front office staff as opposed to over the mobile device from the car ie appointments etc. However, we are happy to make the appointments over the mobile dev

ice as well and now that the weather is beginning to improve we will begin to make runs out to your car(as time permits) to bring you progress updates( I can always be reached by phone as well, and happy to speak with you by the end of the day). As you know we have limited family visitors due to situational circumstances as it is quite challenging to manage the logistics of separating patients let alone when a parent or additional family member ie sibling etc is in tow. However, we are doing the best we can and believe we have had great success managing and providing a safe environment for all.

In conclusion, let me just say 2x thank you to everyone for being so kind and understanding through this transformation. We know that this has been an extremely challenging time for all and want you to know that our team appreciates your support. As always, we will be here creating smiles and providing you and your loved ones exceptional care no matter the season. ❣️ 🙏

Dr Mark Feinberg and the Feinberg Orthodontic Team

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