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If you are getting braces and you may be a bit nervous about wearing wires and brackets on your teeth, there is an orthodontic system that makes straightening your teeth with braces a lot faster and easier compared to traditional braces. It is called SureSmile and it’s changing the way people feel about their braces.

SureSmile Technology SureSmile is orthodontic wire technology. Using a 3D computer model of your teeth, the orthodontist creates a custom plan for moving your teeth into their desired positions. The accuracy of the model, including clear visualization of the bone, means your doctor can choose the most direct path of correction for each tooth. That plan is then programmed into a computerized robotics system that bends the treatment wires into the precise shape prescribed.

How Do These Steps Compare To Those Of Traditional Braces? Rather than the precision of 3D imaging, the orthodontist uses the combination of a plaster model and regular x-rays to plan out your treatment. The final position for each tooth is reached gradually as the doctor monitors progress and manually bends the wires each visit. These minor adjustments are made over the course of treatment. Since adjustments are made gradually, the overall time for treatment is about 30 percent longer for traditional braces. SureSmile’s faster treatment time also means fewer dental appointments.

The final result in either treatment option is a winning smile. Orthodontics is a delicate balance between science and art. Given the boundaries of genetics, jaw and tooth shape, we are able to give our patients what they want to see in their smiles.

We are proud to offer 3D digital orthodontics with SureSmile. To learn more about SureSmile and its benefits or to schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Mark Feinberg at 203-513-2014.

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