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The New Norm of 2020

Dear Everyone, We just wanted to take this opportunity to bring you up to date since our last email blast on the current state of Mark Feinberg Orthodontics. It has been a very busy summer and I am happy to say that we were all caught up by mid July as we worked the 6 day weeks to make that happen. Things are back to the new norm which is seeing fewer patients and spreading out appointments and scheduling all appointments for a minimum of 30 minute slots even if they are only retainer checks and observation appointments which typically will only require 10-15 minutes. There is a lot more preparation and follow up involved these days. We are also happy to say that we have welcomed many new patients to our practice(all ages) since we reopened June 1st and we're excited to provide the exceptional cutting edge orthodontic care that our practice is known for. If you have friends or other family members that would benefit from our would be a great

time for a smile evaluation. Shelton Connecticut isn't an enviable place right now and as we now know, under current circumstances there is no time like the present. COVID 19 QUESTIONNAIRE Prior to your visits to our office we have requested that you fill out an online Covid19 questionnaire. We have gotten a great response with this and we continue to implore you to continue to fill out the questionnaire as it really speeds up the entire intake process when you arrive at our office. When the questionnaire is not completed our team has to orally run through the questionnaire on the phone which is quite time consuming and inefficient and causes delays in what we can accomplish at the visit. As you all know by now, we have the process down to a science as I prepared for reopening for 10 weeks while the office was closed down. Eva or Aelene will meet and greet our patients at the door, take the temp. and have our guests hand sanitize. All patients are spaced out and we are only allowing a limited number at any one time enter the office. When the visit is completed we will walk your child to the door and when able or if we need to touch base we'll walk out to your car to update you and just to say hi---


Everyone has been great about wearing masks as well. I am beginning to see the fashionable neck gator masks beginning to appear and I would request that a cloth mask or medical mask be worn instead. The neck gator mask is NOT effective. Couple of other updates(please check our facebook page for cool postings) we have most recently added a new tool to our repertoire. It's called the Defender 2 and think of it as a medical/dental super duper vacuum device which is used for procedures that entail removing braces or aligner attachments and for preparing teeth for bonding of lower fixed retainers. It basically pulls tiny little microscopic particles from the air over the patient to keep the air in the office sparkling clean. A note on Patient Rewards cards: Please continue to bring the card to the office and go online to participate for additional points which you know can be used for credits towards lots of cool things. Two patient by the name of Matt and his brother Robert(you know who you are) accumulated so many points they were able to buy a lifetime supply of Dunkin' Donuts (only joking---but they could have). We wish everyone of you, our wonderful family of patients, health and happiness and a return to some semblance of normality but even better.

Best regards, Mark Feinberg and the entire Feinberg Orthodontics team.

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