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For some patients, merely getting braces will allow them to achieve their ideal smiles. However, in cases of severe crowding or other issues that leave limited room in the mouth for all of the teeth, a tooth extraction may be indicated.

Why Extract Teeth? Many patients that present at an orthodontic practice have poorly aligned teeth as a result of crowding. When there is not enough room for all the teeth to erupt into their correct position the teeth often come is misaligned. To correct crowding problems and improve the appearance, the removal of specific teeth will facilitate alignment. The severity and location of the crowding will determine which teeth will need to be removed.

Are Extractions The Only Answer? The majority of crowded teeth are usually caused by underdeveloped jaws rather than having teeth that are too large, for most people it makes sense to increase the size of the dental arches through arch development. This is ideally done at an early age, usually starting at the age of seven to nine years old. Beyond that time, it is still possible to create some dental expansion using a passive self-ligating system of braces that moves teeth very gently and slowly, and best allows formation of new bone as the teeth move.

Other Alternatives Jaws can be expanded to enable the teeth to fit in better and teeth can also be rearranged to allow a more suitable or ergonomic fit. Headgear, tooth reshaping techniques, bone screws, implants and other orthodontic stabilization devices can be used as alternatives to extractions.

Contact Us As part of your initial evaluation, we will thoroughly examine your teeth to decide if a tooth extraction may be recommended in your case. The process of developing a treatment plan is highly individualized and tailored to each patient’s specific case. If you have any question about extractions, early treatment and expansion, please contact out office at 203-513-2014.

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