SureSmile Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SureSmile cost?

The cost of orthodontic treatment is determined by your individual orthodontist and depends on many factors, including the amount of tooth movement required.

How does the OraScanner© work?

The OraScanner works a lot like a hand-held 3D digital camera that takes pictures of your teeth using a special light. With this we create a 3D model to use for you!

How does SureSmile Treatment Planning Software work??

With the SureSmile Treatment Planning Software, Dr. Mark can evaluate treatment options, and visualize the desired end result and position for each and every tooth. The plan allows Dr. Mark to design special braces for you that move your teeth in the most direct path possible, reducing the need for several adjustments. The software also allows Dr. Mark to monitor your progress digitally to ensure absolutely perfect results!

Is SureSmile treatment really less painful than traditional braces?

Yes! The pain experienced during orthodontic treatment occurs when the doctor makes adjustments to your wires. Simply put, patients who use SureSmile experience less pain, because fewer adjustments are required.

Is there a risk of damaging my teeth because they’re moving faster?

SureSmile archwires don't need to move teeth any faster than conventional archwires. The time difference is due to the advanced technology via using the computerized SureSmile system and it's 3D imaging. Instead of a continually changing plan with frequent adjustments like traditional braces, your teeth move along a more direct path to their target positions. Your overall treatment time is shorter thanks to your teeth needing to travel a shorter distance