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Part 1: Discount Orthodontics Can Be Costly To Your Health

Dental HealthAll orthodontic care is equal, right?
There was a time, not so long ago when purchase decisions were based on quality. There was a good, better and best. Naturally, getting “the best” was more valuable and so commanded a higher price.

Today, we are bombarded with discount frenzy both online and in stores, where the lowest price drives purchasing decisions. Well, this “model” may make sense when it comes to a choice of buying two items that are pretty much the same, like toaster ovens or garden hoses. Buying the least expensive of the two is usually pretty reasonable. Such items that are interchangeable and have what appears to be equal value are called commodities.

Is price shopping for orthodontics a good idea?
If braces were nothing more than a bunch of metal brackets and wires stuck on teeth than it would make sense to choose the lowest cost option because orthodontic treatment/braces would be a commodity.

As you will see, when orthodontic care is treated like a commodity patients ultimately pay the price. And, WHERE YOU GET YOUR BRACES, MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. When it comes to braces, you have the opportunity to make a healthy choice. Continue reading Part 1: Discount Orthodontics Can Be Costly To Your Health