Part 1: When Tooth Removal Is The Healthy Choice

Tooth removal is beneficialAlthough I prefer not to remove adult teeth, there are exceptions and situations where tooth removal is beneficial. The pendulum has swung from one extreme to another in regards to removal of teeth. In the very early days of orthodontics the approach was never to extract a tooth, later the pendulum swung in the other direction and tooth removal was the norm not the exception. Over the past 25 years the pendulum has headed back in the other direction. So permit me to take a clear eyed and reasoned scientific approach to the subject.

One of the more common concerns I hear during consultation appointments is the following…you don’t have to remove any permanent teeth do you? We strive for perfection in the smile, a healthy bite and teeth that will last for a lifetime. What if, removal of teeth can help achieve these lofty goals and failure to  remove teeth may cause harm.

Hopefully, answering the following two questions will help to shed some light on the merits ofextraction vs. non extraction treatment. Why are some patients better candidates to have teeth removed than others? Why are teeth sometimes extracted as part of having orthodontic treatment?

First, a little background information. Humans have two sets of teeth, primary (baby) and permanent (adult). At your first visit to our office, I will perform a comprehensive examination and assess which teeth are present in your mouth and which are missing. How many are adult teeth and how many baby teeth are present, if any. There are differences between patients. For instances, baby teeth usually fall out by a certain age and in a certain order. Orthodontic problems may occur when they fall out too early or too late. If they fall out too early, we can design a plan for maintaining the space until the adult teeth come in to place. If there is a delay in the teeth coming in, they may create an orthodontic problem or it may indicate that one already exists. When mother nature is not cooperating, proactively removing primary teeth can be helpful. It can help to re-establish a more normal and healthy pattern of eruption.One that will provide an opportunity for the adult teeth to come in where they belong.

While most parents have no concerns regarding the removal of primary teeth, some do when the permanent ones are involved. There are several reasons why the adult teeth may need to be removed for braces. In the second part of my series on tooth removal we’ll look at some of the main reasons when adult tooth removal is the best treatment option.

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